Bicycle Transportation

Take your bicycle with you FOR FREE when you choose to ride our intercity bus! All Kautra intercity bus passengers can transport their bikes at no additional charge.

Passengers are welcome to use the free bicycle transportation service all year round, regardless of the season. Bicycles are transported in the luggage compartment during the off-season or are mounted on external bike racks during the biking season. The buses that have bike racks pass the most popular biking routes that can be found at www.autobusubilietai.lt

Bike transportation rules

  • Passengers who purchase Kautra intercity bus tickets can take their bicycles FOR FREE
  • Kautra buses that transport bikes are marked with a bike symbol on the autobusubilietai.lt website
  • The number of bikes a bus can transport is limited
  • If there is no room for your bike on bus you are taking, your bike will be transported to your destination on the next Kautra bus FOR FREE
  • The bus driver will appreciate if you mount and secure your bike on the rack yourself
  • All transported bikes must be clean and in good running order
  • Before mounting the bike on the external rack, please make sure that you have taken off any additional accessories and equipment that might fall off, e.g. child seat, luggage, etc.
  • Intercity buses do not transport electric, motorized, three-wheel and BMX bikes
  • Kautra buses transport bicycles all year round

Making a reservation for your bicycle

At the time of ticket purchase, passengers are asked if they want to reserve a place for a bicycle. Making a reservation for your bike is not mandatory, however, if you do, there will be more chances that your bike travels with you on the same bus. The following are some guidelines for making bicycle reservations:

    • You can make a reservation for your bicycle at the time of ticket purchase. Please note that this is not mandatory.
    • You can transport your bike on the Kautra buses FOR FREE, however, there is a reservation fee.
    • You may make a reservation for your bike only when purchasing your bus ticket. One bus ticket allows you to transport one bike.
    • When purchasing a connecting or return ticket, the reservation fee applies for each segment of the trip.
    • The reservation fee is not refundable.
  • If you change your bus ticket, your bicycle reservation will be automatically changed accordingly for no charge, unless the bus you have changed cannot transport bikes. In such a case, your bike reservation would be canceled and the reservation fee would not be refunded.
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