Intercity Bus Service

Kautra is one of the largest Lithuanian companies providing intercity bus services. Every year, we transport almost 3 million passengers on intercity routes in Lithuania and our buses ride more than 10 million kilometers.


The company purchases an increasing number of new buses each year to make your travels easier, more convenient and more interesting. Our passengers can enjoy the highest level of comfort, entertainment and additional free services, such as free Wi-Fi, bike transportation, electrical outlets and free movies at our Media Center.


The passengers using Kautra intercity bus service are welcome to take their bicycles for free.  Bicycle transportation service has become our passengers’ a favorite and we are working hard on its improvement by acquiring even more external bike racks every year. We also started offering bike reservation services so that our passengers could conveniently reserve a place on the bike rack way in advance and rest assured that their bikes travel with them on the same bus.


Don’t waste your time and avoid long lines at the ticket counter. Purchase bus tickets for your intercity travel online at www.autobusubilietai.lt much faster and at a lower price!

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